For your hotel
Control, monitor and manage your hotel from reception

Get all the necessary information for Check-in and schedule individual and group arrivals improving your clients' experience.


Find out about room conditions, know which guests are in their room, who have asked not to be disturbed and even check room temperature. On top of that, you can check parking facilities, event rooms, buffet, store rooms and almost all your facilities.


STAYmyway is a powerful marketing tool. You can offer all your hotel services through its Mobile App in a very elegant way. Apart from  sending offers, you can also obtain metrics to check their success or failure.


Write and listen to your guests at all times and also deal with complaints in a side discreate channel


If there is any  attempt to break into a room, the system will trigger a silent alarm in  reception so as to deal with that issue. An alarm is also triggered when a door is left opened by accident.


With  STAYmyway you will know which room has been cleaned in real time as well as the ones that are going through that process. Records are generated  on how long it takes to clean each room.

STAYmyway is a tool that places your hotel in the XXI century just by installing a simple device without changing your locks. You can monitor your facilities in real time as well as get all kinds of useful information to manage your hotel: guests' choices, cleaning service, booking and number of attendees in buffets, event rooms, restaurants enabling you to optimise inventory and human resources.

Besides, it can work as  a marketing tool to offer your guests other hotel services in a non invasive approach.

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