Answers to all your doubts about our system
What do I need to do to get my digital key?

To get your digital key, download STAYmyway free App on your phone. You can find it  in Google Play or the iOS App Store

When do I receive my digital key?

Once you have installed STAYmyway Mobile App, you will receive: confirmation to your booking and before arrival you will get your key and room number.

What do I do when I get to the hotel?

If you have checked-in online, you can go directly to your room skipping reception desk.

What if I access the hotel by car into the parking facilities?

With STAYmyway Mobile App you can go into the parking and then to reception or the hotel lobby

Can I access my room even if bluethooth is off?

No. You have to activate it but don't worry, you will barely notice it in your battery consumption.

Can I open the door from a distance?

Yes. You can open your door room from a distance of approximately  15 to 25 metres.

Can anyone access my room online?

No. Your lock is not connected to the internet. This means it is IMPOSSIBLE to access it with an internet connection. You can only open it via bluethooth being near with a 'digital key' assigned.

When can we deactivate the digital key?

Your key will be automatically switched off at the time and date of the check-out

Can I check if my room is being cleaned?

Yes. It will come up on your screen until the service is finished.

Can I receive messages outside the hotel?

Yes. STAYmyway message system is always online so you can contact the hotel anytime anywhere.

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