Marketing Tool
STAYmyway helps your hotel to sell more

Access your Catalogue

Guests will be able to check your services using STAYmyway Mobile App getting information about the most interesting ones and promoting direct purchases

Offer your services

With STAYmyway you will be able to increase sales connected to services addressing most of your guests in a quick, effective and non-invasive way.

Receive Special Offers

Your guests will access customised offers according to segments. This means easen the decision-making process.

Book Services

With STAYmyway App, your clients could book all kind of hotel services such as a restaurant table, a sports court, massage and so on quickly and effectively

Offer Services

With STAYmyway you will be able to increase sales in a quick, effective and non-invasive way reaching the highest number of guests.

Know your Clients Better

STAYmyway dashboard will allow you to divide your customers into segments. As a result, you can target only those customers that have already bought  or booked a certain service. This increases the likelihood of purchase

Monitor your Hotel

STAYmyway analysis is born based on the following concept: what is not measurable doesn't exist. This analysis will allow you to know everything about  campaigns success, impact and selling results.

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