What is STAYmyway?
What is STAYmyway?
Take your hotel to the Future

STAYmyway is an access control and management system for hotels. Its novelty for innovation is that guests are able to access their rooms only using their smartphones. Besides it can be  installed in bars and restaurants, ballroom or event rooms,  fitness facilities, swimming pools as well as in hotel parking facilities.

It is not necessary to change your hotel locks, you just need to update them. In 5 minutes, a Bluetooth device is installed inside the lock. The system starts working alongside the existing system. Both systems can work at the same time without interfering with each other.

You can get all these and more with STAYmyway: an innovative product that allows you to modernise your hotel just by installing a simple device that transforms passive units, like your doors, into active units that will give you information to optimise your resources. In addition, it can work as  a marketing tool to offer your guests other hotel services.


FAST CHECK–IN with STAYmyway implies having access to clients information even before they arrive to your hotel, including ID or Passport number. This means that check-in and assigning keys will be faster and more comfortable.


PREMIUM CHECK-IN means a more exclusive service being able to send a 'digital key' directly to your client's smart phone. In this way, your guests could access their rooms with their phones even enter the parking facilities without going to reception desk making their stay more productive  and relaxing.


STAYmyway direct  channel with customers will enable you to offer hotel services and promotions to your guests through their smartphones in a quick, effective and non-invasive way.


STAYmyway as a marketing tool helps you find out consumption patters enabling you to offer more customised promotions and services.

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